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Dryer will not start 11097586200 Kenmore Gas dryer


Hello glad to help.  Thank You for choosing Sears
I am sorry and do understand your frustration when there is problems with the dryer.
Glad to help out.   Im  looking at your Kenmore Dryer model number 110.97586200.

The push to start switch on this dryer is a momentary switch. This means the circuit is open till the start button is pushed and the motor starts. When the switch is released the circuit is open again but the motor should keep running on the run circuit.

If the dryer is not starting sometimes you could open the door, hold the door switch in with one hand while giving the drum a push with the other hand while someone pressed the start switch. Giving the dryer a push start sometimes would start the unit.

If you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired at your home by a Sears technician. Here is a link for the

Thank you for your understanding in this matter and I hope we can help you with your future questions and repairs.  Thank you for choosing Sears and using our

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Larry L -
Sears Technician
June 04, 2014

What is wrong with a Kenmore dryer model 11097586200 when the setting dial keeps advancing and the machine will start without the start button being pressed?


The noise you describe and the fact your problem started when the timer was turned counter clock wise would point to the timer causing your problems but the timer would not cause the motor to start when the door is closed.

The most likely part to cause this type of problem is a bad 3395382 push to start switch. If the switch is bad then the dryer will start after the timer is set on a cycle and the door is closed.

This can be a simple problem to check. With the dryer unplugged you can remove the rear panel to the console and remove one or both wires from the push to start switch. Don't let the two wires touch anything and then carefully plug the dryer back in, turn on the timer and shut the door and see if the motor starts.

If the motor doesn't start then replacing the push to start switch should correct the problem.

If the motor still starts with the push to start disconnected then most likely the motor switch is the problem and the motor will have to be replaced.

The 3395382 start switch can be obtained from the following link: Sears PartsDirect .

I hope this information is helpful to you but submit another question with any additional details for further assistance.

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Fred M -
Sears Technician
February 18, 2010

Why is my Kenmore dryer model number 110.97586200 not heating?


Why is my Kenmore dryer model number 110.97586200 not heating?

  • Broken igniter

  • Flame sensor

  • Thermal fuse

  • Electronic control board

  • Heater relay

  • Thermistor

  • Gas valve coils

  • Motor switch

  • High limit thermostat

  • Temperature switch

Due to the complexity of this model dryer I recommend calling a service technician at 1-800-469-4663 to diagnose and repair your dryer.

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Joe G. - Personal Solutions Manager -
Sears Technician
January 02, 2010

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