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What part has most likely failed preventing my dryer from heating?


Your dryer uses a glow bar igniter to ignite the gas once the gas valve opens. You did not state if you see the glow bar igniter glowing red hot or not. There is a small square inspection plug located to left and below the door. Pry the plug out and start the dryer. If you do not see the glow bar ignitor glowing there is a good chance the igniter is bad. The ignitor must glow red hot or the gas valve will never open in order to produce the flame and heat.

If you find that the igniter is not glowing, it could have an open component in the circuit. There are several components which can fail and cause no heat:

  • Timer
  • Igniter
  • Flame sensor
  • Gas valve coils
  • Motor switch
  • High limit thermostat
  • Thermal cut-off
  • Operating thermostat
  • Thermal fuse

A volt/ohm meter will be needed to diagnose which component has failed open. Any one of the above mentioned parts could fail at any time. With out the proper meter or testing I could not say with any certainty which part has failed.

If you find that the ignitor is glowing and then fades back off, the likely failure would be the coils mounted on the gas valve.

Resubmit your question with additional details of what you see once you take the inspection plug out and start the dryer for further information.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician

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