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Why does my model dryer run through the off position to the next cycle and start again without pushing the push to start button?


This sounds like a problem with your Push to Start switch part number 3395382. You could also have a failed motor centrifugal switch or a short to ground that is causing the timer to continuously advance.

The Push to Start switch is located in the console along with the timer. You said you have already replaced the timer so you would access the Push to Start switch in the same way you access the timer.

Be sure to unplug the dryer before doing any of the following checks. The push to start switch has two wires on it, a white/red and a black wire. The switch should show open on your meter till you push the switch then your meter would show continuity.

The problem can also be check by removing the black wires from the push to start switch. When you turn your timer to a cycles it should not start. If it does not then replace the push to start switch. The part 3395382 is available from Sears Parts Direct .

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Fred M -
Sears Technician

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