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Why did my Kenmore dryer model 110.96291800 make a loud pop and stop working?


The thermal fuse could have blown if the dryer got too hot. To check the thermal fuse, unplug the dryer and remove the bottom front service panel as shown in the first image below. The location of the thermal fuse on the blower housing is shown in this image as well. Remove one wire and measure the resistance across the leads of the fuse with a volt/ohm meter. You should measure near zero ohms of resistance. If you measure infinite resistance then the fuse is blown and will need to be replaced. NOTE: If the thermal fuse is blown, check the exhaust vent system in your dryer for a clog or restriction and check the lint screen. A restriction in the exhaust air flow could have caused the dryer to overheat. If you do not resolve this type of problem the thermal fuse will blow again after you replace it.

If the thermal fuse is okay, you could have a broken drive belt that would prevent the dryer from running. I provided a procedure for access the drive belt in the second image below.

If the drive belt is okay, you could have a bad drive belt switch, a failed drive motor or a wiring failure between components that could prevent the motor from running.

If you need more help, resubmit your question with additional details.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
November 06, 2009

Why won't my electric dryer produce any heat?


The heating element requires 220-240 volts in order to heat up. There are two (2) house circuit breakers in the breaker box dedicated for the dryer. If one of the two breakers trips the dryer can run but it will not heat up. I recommend locating the two house circuit breakers and flip both breakers OFF and back ON 2-3 times and then check the dryer for heat.

If it continues to run and not heat then it will require a volt/ohm meter to test each one of the electrical components that is wired in series with heating element.

The thermostats, thermal cutoff and heating element can be accessed by removing the lower toe panel. Depress the two clips (key#46) with a thin putty knife or screw driver to release the panel. Pull the top of the panel outwards and then lift it up of the two bottom clips (key#16). NOTE: Disconnect the power cord from the power source before removing the lower access panel.

It could one of the follow component failures:

  • Timer
  • Operating thermostat (key#42)
  • Thermal cutoff (key#47)
  • High limit thermostat (key#48)
  • Heating element (key#14)
  • Motor centrifugal switch
  • Voltage supply
  • Burnt wire connection

I recommend calling a service technician to diagnose and repair your dryer.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
March 11, 2009

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