Model #11088752791 Kenmore laundry centers/combos

  • Washer/dryer Control Panel
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  • Dryer Front Panel And Door
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  • Dryer Cabinet And Motor
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  • Dryer Bulkhead
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  • Dryer Support And Washer
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  • Washer Top And Lid
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  • Washer Cabinet
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  • Brake/clutch/gearcase/motor/pump
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  • Machine Base
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  • Tub And Basket
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  • Washer Water System
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  • Gearcase
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  • Brake And Drive Tube
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  • Lck4500 Accessory
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Where can I find the owner's manual for a Kenmore washer model 11088752791 that is not recognized?


The owner's manual is the same for model 110.88752790. Here is a link for the owner's manual that I accessed using that model number: Owner's Manual & Installation Instructions

There is a parts list diagram on the Sears PartsDirect website. Use model number 110.88752791 to access the parts list diagram for the specific laundry center that you are asking about.

If the washer agitates but the motor will not run to drain the water or spin, the lid switch is the likely failed component. A technician will normally use the tech sheet provided in the image below to diagnose and repair problems with this laundry center. You may need this technical information if the lid switch is not the failed component.

If you need more help, resubmit your question with additional details.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
June 24, 2009

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