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I have a Lady Kenmore dryer model 110.88090800 It just stopped heating what could be the cause?


Several things could keep your dryer from heating. I am assuming the tub is still turning. There are 2 thermostats, one in the heater box and one in the blower housing. The switch in the motor, the timer, the temperature select switch, and the heating element can cause the dryer not to heat.

Disconnect the power from the dryer and remove the back panel from the cabinet. You can visually check the wires to the thermostats and heater from the back of the dryer. From the front of the dryer locate the 2 spring clips that hold the top down. They are located in the space between the top and the front of the cabinet near the corners. Press the clips in one at a time with a small flat blade screwdriver as you lift on the front corner. With the top raised you can see the back of the timer and temperature select switch. In the base of the dryer you will find the motor and the motor wires.

You might have a wire broken off one of these parts. If you don’t find anything by looking you will need a volt/ohm meter to test these parts.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
April 16, 2008

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