Model #11087673800 KENMORE Residential Dryer

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Old Kenmore Dryer Basic Operation. Model # 110.87673800


I can definitely understand your concern, when it comes to getting a owners manual on a appliance it does have a lot to do with the age of the appliance and if its still being manufactured. I came up with some information that may be helpful, I have posted the link below. Hope it helps!

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Maira -
December 07, 2010

These both seem to be old models and I can not find any available manual either.

I can help you with the question you asked about The Automatic Fabric Care switch. The "Air" section is for a cycle with no heat but just tumbles.

The "Timed" setting is for the dryer to run a certain amount of time. You set the timer for 30 minutes and it runs 30 minutes.

You might also see an "Auto" setting. This setting uses a sensor to tell us when the clothes are dry.

If you have any additional questions about any cycles and options I can most likely answer the question but I can not find you and manual for download or purchase.

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Fred M -
Sears Technician
December 08, 2010
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