Model #11087592810 KENMORE Residential Dryer

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Residential Dryer is loudly "squawking" as the drum turns with a load


A loud squeak can really cause some concern and I am sorry for the inconvenience. I did some research and I was able to find a link that will guide you in making some checks. I hope this helps with the squeak troubles while you wait for your expert response.

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Joseph P. -
July 30, 2012

I know that it can be very frustrating to have issues with your dryer. There are several parts that can cause this type of noise inside the dryer. These include the belt, the drum rollers, the pull, the rear drum seal and the bearing. The image below will provide the instructions on how to disassemble you machine to access these parts. First you are going to check the belt. Make sure that it is not loose or worn. If this looks to be okay, then check the drum rollers. This are plastic wheel that help turn the drum. Make sure they are round and undamaged. If the rollers look to be okay, then you will want to check the belt pulley. This is attached to the motor, so it can wear down over time. The last things to check will be the drum seal and the bearing. This is because they are more complicated parts to replace. If you do not fell comfortable doing this repair yourself, just click on this link to schedule service: Sears Home Services . If you would like to view a part diagram or order parts for your dryer, just click on this link and enter the model number: Sears Parts Direct . I hope this helps. If you need further assistance, please reply to this thread. Thank you for using Manage My Life.

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AnneJ -
Sears Technician
July 31, 2012
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