Model #11076901691 KENMORE Residential Dryer

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Cycle stop 11076901691 Kenmore Gas dryer


Thank you for choosing SearsPartsDirect. I can certainly understand how frustrating it can be when your washer is not working properly. I did look into the model number you have provided, and I have found information to assist you.

It sounds to me like the start switch is going out.  

Contacts R1 to R2 should be 0 ohms when the start switch is pushed in.

If it is OK the next thing to check would be the thermal fuse 
Should also be 0 ohms.

Another part that you should check is the lid switch.

I recommmend testing the parts with an OHM meter to determine which part to replace

You can also visit for parts, diagrams, and repair information.
If you do not feel confident repairing this problem yourself, then you can have it repaired at your home by a Sears technician. Here is a link for the website: Sears Home Services .

Thank you for your question. Have a great day. 

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Natasha12 -
Sears Technician
July 16, 2014

Is the ignitor on a gas dryer supposed to heat and glow to ignite a flame?


Yes, the glow bar ignitor (key#4) must glow red hot before the gas valve will open.

  • Disconnect the power cord from the power source.
  • Remove the toe panel by inserting a putty knife between the toe panel and door panel. There are two clips (key#46) as shown in the last image that will need to be depressed in order to release and remove the toe panel.
  • Once the toe panel has been removed, plug the dryer back in and start the dryer and watch for the red glow.
  • Keep you hands out from under the drum.

If the glow bar ignitor does not glow, a technician would disconnect the ignitor and verify if voltage is present to the ignitor.

There is a good chance the ignitor has failed, but there are several other possible failures that can occur and cause the ignitor to not glow too.

  • Timer
  • Thermal fuse
  • Operating thermostat
  • Hi-Limit thermostat
  • Flame sensor
  • Motor switch

In order to diagnose the failure a volt/ohm meter will be needed to test for any open components wired in series with the glow bar ignitor.

I recommend calling a service technician to diagnose and repair your dryer.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
October 21, 2008

Where can I get a wiring diagram for my Kenmore 90 Series gas dryer model 110.76901691?


The wiring diagram for your model of dryer is shown in the image below.

NOTE: Be sure to follow technical safety guidelines when using this information for troubleshooting. Unplug the dryer and shut off the gas supply before accessing internal components.

I recommend checking continuity through the operating thermostat, the high limit thermostat and the flame sensor with the dryer unplugged.

If you need more help with this repair, resubmit your question with additional details.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
October 20, 2008

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