Model #11076852694 KENMORE Residential Dryer

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No heat in my Kenmore gas dryer. Already replace thermostat and ignitor. You have suggested submitting ohm readings to you which are in details below.


Is a technician available to chat real time on line?

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Debbie -
November 03, 2010

The thermal fuse is located on the blower housing behind the rear panel, #9 in the parts image, not in the console. Be sure to ohm out the thermal fuse first. The next suspected part I recommend checking is the flame sensor. The flame sensor has to read closed continuity in order to send voltage to the igniter. I am sending you the wiring diagram outlining the path of voltage from source to the igniter; EVERYTHING IN THE PATH HAS TO READ CLOSED .If the gas valve coils are bad the igniter will still be coming on so I do not suspect the gas valve coils at this time. If you find the thermal fuse with open continuity be sure to have your venting cleaned that runs outside. Please click on the attachment.

SAFETY NOTICE: Be sure to disconnect power to the appliance before performing any repairs. Be aware that there could be sharp edges inside the appliance that could cause cuts or other injuries to yourself or others.

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biker dave -
Sears Technician
November 04, 2010
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