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my gas dryer does'nt heat up 110.74932201 Kenmore Residential dryer


I have a Kenmore model 110.74932201 gas dryer and I want to know if I can modify it to work in a home with no gas hook up?


There is no way to modify the gas dryer to work with the electric only set up in your new house.

The two options you have are to have a propane tank and gas line installed or to replace the dryer with an electric dyer.

The most economical fix is to replace the dryer with an electric one.

You might check your area for a used appliance store that will take your gas dryer in trade towards a used electric dryer. If you buy used I recommend getting some type of warranty. Most good used appliance stores offer some type of warranty on the used machines they sale.

The other option is to buy a new dryer and sell your gas dryer at a moving/garage sale. You get more money for the gas dryer this way instead of trading it in. A dryer that brings $50 on a trade in might sale at a garage sale for $150 dollars.

To get some idea of the cost of a new electric dryer you can click the following link: New Economical Dryer Choices .

I hope this information helps you decide on how to solve this problem in the most economical way. Congratulations and good luck on the new house.

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Fred M -
Sears Technician
July 31, 2009

If you decide to run propane, you will have to convert the dryer with a propane conversion kit (unless you ran propane at the old location). Do not expect the gas fitter to supply one, they are model-specific (the fitter should be qualified to do the conversion). If you decide to go to an electric dryer, be prepared to run a 220/240 Volt circuit, and buy the pigtail to match the new socket. Although 110Volt elecric dryers are available, they are small, and will take much longer to dry a load.

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LookOver1 -
August 01, 2009
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