Model #11070092990 KENMORE residential dryer

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What does "F1" mean on my dryer?


The "E1" fault code indicates an open thermistor or open thermistor circuit. The thermistor location is shown in the image below. You will need to disconnect the power cord from the power source and then remove the lower access panel. Insert a putty knife as shown in the image. There is a clip about 4 inches in from each upper corner. Push in on pressure on the clip while pulling that upper corner outwards towards you. Repeat step for the other clip. Remove and replace the thermistor. Part number 8577274. I added a link to Sears Parts Direct with the thermistor already looked up for you. Click on "Thermistor, blower housing" to open link.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
October 01, 2009

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