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What could make my Kenmore commercial gas dryer burner come on briefly then will not come on again for several


This symptom is almost always caused by air circulation. If you don't have the normal airflow through the dryer, the heat builds up in the heater box that the burner shoots into and trips the high limit thermostat. The high limit thermostat has a wide differential so it takes awhile for the burner to light again.

I would start by taking the lint screen out and filling it up with water. If the softening tissues have been used in the dryer they will coat the filter screen and you can hardly tell by looking, but water won't flow through it well. If you don't find anything there, I would disconnect the vent, raise a window or open an outside door for ventilation, and start the dryer. If the burner stays on with the vent disconnected, the vent is restricted. You can also have lint built up inside the blower housing causing a restriction. There might also be a blockage where the lint chute attaches to the blower housing.

It is possible for the high limit thermostat to cause this. If everything is clean and airflow is normal, I would replace the high limit thermostat that mounts on the heater box.

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Sears Technician
March 11, 2008

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