Model #11065922401 Kenmore residential dryer

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model 11065922401 dryer won't heat


I understand your concern and wanting to repair your dryer yourself. First, the voltage supply must be checked and confirmed before anything else. The dryer must have a 220 volt power supply. If one of the two circuit breakers dedicated for the dryer has tripped in your house circuit breaker, your dryer will run but it will not heat. Locate the two circuit breakers dedicated for the dryer and reset both circuit breakers by flipping them off and on 2-3 times and then check the dryer for heat.

The heating element must have 220 volts supplied to it or it won't heat. NOTE: I do not recommend checking voltages unless you have experience and feel safe and confident in doing so, otherwise I recommend calling a service technician to diagnose and repair your dryer. The voltage should be checked where the power cord is attached to the back of the dryer. The voltage supply must measure 220-230 volts when measuring across the two (2) outside terminals. These two connections are considered line one (L1) and line 2 (L2).

Once the voltage supply has been checked and confirmed where the dryer cord connects to the back of the dryer then the next step is to remove the front lower access panel. See image below.

Once you have gained access to the heating element it can be tested for continuity with an ohm meter. Disconnect the wire connections from the heating element before checking it for continuity. If the heating element has continuity, the heating element is Okay and meaning it's not working because it's not getting both L1 and L2 voltage supply. The failure could be one of the thermostats connected in series between the timer and heating element. You will need to disconnect the wires from key #48, #47, and #42 before checking them for continuity. Which ever component does not measure with any resistance is bad and will need to be replaced.

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
October 16, 2010