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Why won't my Kenmore dryer heat even though I replaced the heater element & thermostat?


The first image below shows a diagram of a common outlet for electric dryers. Using this as a guide, verify that you have proper voltage at the outlet using a volt/ohm meter. NOTE: You should only measure this voltage if you are completely confident that you can safely take the reading. The dryer will run with only 120 volts supplied. It will not heat without the proper 240 volts.

The wiring diagram for you dryer is shown in the second image below. The thermal cut-off fuse could be blown and would prevent the dryer from heating. I recommend checking this component first. It is Key 47 in the third image below. Unplug the dryer to completely disconnect electrical power before accessing any internal dryer components. The thermal cut-off is on the side of the heater box. To check it (with the dryer unplugged), pull the wires off of the terminals of the thermal cut-off and measure the resistance across the terminals. You should measure near zero ohms of resistance. If you measure infinite resistance (open), then the thermal cut-off will need to be replaced. You can also check the high limit thermostat (Key 48) in the same manner since this component is right beside the thermal cut-off.

If the thermostat that you replaced is the thermistor (Key 42) then this components should be okay. If not, you will need to check it. The resistance of the thermistor should be around 12K ohms at room temperature of 70 degrees (10K at 80 degrees). If the thermistor is bad, then this could be causing your problem. Replacing it may resolve your heating issue.

If all of the components are good, then you may have a bad heater relay or a failed control board. A technician is normally needed to check these components. You could take a chance and replace the heater relay. This may fix your problem.

If you need more help with this repair, resubmit your question with additional details.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
July 18, 2008

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