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My Kenmore 90 series washer agitator rocks back and forth around 1 to 2 inches.


Thank you for your question and I understand your concern.

I must assume just the upper augur portion of the agitator is loose. It is not abnormal for the augur to rock back and forth a little bit but not 2 inches. You will need to remove the augur and check for any broken parts.

I added an image of the agitator assembly below. To remove the auger:

  • Remove the fabric dispenser
  • Remove the spring retainer (key#20) using the square end of a 1/2 inch ratchet extension. Turn the spring retainer counter clockwise (CCW) until it can be removed.
  • Grasp the augur and lift it up and off.
  • Lay your hand over the top of the augur and flip it upside down.

Replace any parts that appear damaged or broken and reverse the procedure. Use the image below in order to see the order of the parts. You will likely need to order part #8537433 which can be ordered from Sears PartsDirect

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Joey S -
Sears Technician
September 13, 2011

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