Model #11022084102 Kenmore Elite residential washers

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Question and Answers


My Sears Elite Calypso washer (P/N 110.22084102) gets stuck on the rinse and spin cycle. It takes a long time to complete the wash. What is the problem? Help? 11022084102 Kenmore Elite Automatic


Here is an image that shows how to start the diagnostic test on your washer: Kenmore Calypso Washer Diagnostic Test Mode. Here are the error codes for that washer: Kenmore Calypso Washer Error Codes. You may see an error code when you run that diagnostic test.

If the washer is not draining properly, you may need to replace the drain pump. Other problems could prevent the washer from spinning. 

Be sure that you unplug the washer before accessing internal components.

If you need more help, let us know.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
May 30, 2014