Model #11016882503 Kenmore residential washers

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Please provide the following info for 2 kenmore washers, 11016882503 and 11028732700 when manufactured? motor and transmission speeds? series? spin speeds?


The washer 110.16882503 is a 2005 model. The washer 110.28732700 is a 2007 model. Both motors have 3 speeds. The transmissions on those washers are the same. The spin speeds are the same. The model 110.16882503 is an 80 Series washer. The model 110.28732700 appears to be a 700 Series washer. Neither washer is Energy Star compliant. The Energy Star rating label for the model 110.28732700 is shown in the image below. The other model should have about the same ratings. That first link that Joseph P. posted in the above response shows that cycles that are available for the washer model 110.16882503. Here is a link that shows specific information and cycles for model 110.28732700: Kenmore 3.2 cu. ft. Super Capacity Plus Washer .

I hope that this is the information that you were looking for on these washers. If you need more assistance, reply with additional details.

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Lyle W -
Sears Technician
December 13, 2011

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