Model #1068211681 KENMORE Upright Freezer

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What can be causing ice freezing under my Kenmore freezer, model number 106.8211681?


In reference to your Kenmore freezer, model number 106.8211681:

Ice building up on the bottom floor of your freezer could be caused by a clogged drainline. Please follow check list below.

  • Frost inside refrigerator or freezer can be caused from any of the following:
  • High humidity - Humidity refers to the amount of moisture in the air. The higher the humidity, the more moisture in the air. When humid air enters the inside, it forms condensation or frost.
  • Doors blocked - If the doors are blocked partially open, the humid air will move inside. Moist air always moves toward a cold area or surface.
  • Doors left open - The longer the doors are left open, the more moist air will enter.
  • Doors not sealing - If doors are not fully closed, the door gaskets may not seal completely allowing moist air to enter.
  • Blocked air vents - If air vents inside refrigerator are blocked by food products, the cold air becomes trapped around the vent causing frost to buildup.
  • Hot food being added - Hot food releases a lot of moisture in the form of steam causing condensation or frost.

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Angela R. - Personal Solutions Manager -
Sears Technician
September 23, 2009

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