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Freezer drain tube keeps freezing up and water gets in refrigerator section


The drain tube that carries away water from the defrost cycle has most likely become clogged with dust/dirt etc. This tube needs to be cleaned to prevent the water from freezing in it. The tube may be located on the back of your refrigerator, or it may run inside the refrigerator liner, the latter being more difficult to clean. Locate both ends the tube, this may require taking the cover off the back compartment area where the compressor is located, and also the evaporator cover usually in the back of the freezer. If there is an ice build up this will need to be removed first, DO not attempt to chip this ice away as damage may occur to the liner or evaporator, it is best to just let this ice melt. Once all the ice is melted away then the tube needs to be cleaned for the whole length of it, you can do this with compressed air or a 'trombone cleaner' can also work very well and can be purchased at most music stores. If you see excessive ice build-up on the left side of the evaporator that could be caused by water leaking from the ice maker fill tube, then you may need to install a special fill tube kit (part 2203024) that will prevent water from splashing out of the top of this tube and causing freezing problems on the left side of the evaporator. This could also cause the drain pan to freeze and could be causing to contributing to your problem. The procedure for installing this fill tube kit is shown in the image below.

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Landell -
Sears Technician
June 09, 2010