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Why does water collect under the crispers in my refrigerator?


This issue has to be related to condensation. There is either poor air movement inside the unit allowing frost to melt and drip or an air leak causing warm air to collect in this area.

The best course of action is to seal all possible warm air leaks. This can be from the door gaskets not sealing or between the metal cabinet and plastic liner junctions.

Replace any worn or torn door gaskets. The junction where the cabinet meets the liner may be sealed with any silicone sealant.

If this does not resolve your issue. The freezer fan may be running at a reduced speed. Replace the freezer fan with part number 46/106 - 4389142.

See the image below for replacement instructions. I have also attached a link on the same issue that may help.

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Plumbing Bucket -
Sears Technician
May 13, 2008

Thanks, will give it a try. I am wondering if there could be an ice dam somewhere. This started after I lowered the temp in both freezer and fridge in case I lost power for an incoming storm. I never lost power and have since reset the temps back ro "normal" range.

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pinrail76 -
November 05, 2011
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