Model #10656584500 Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator

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Our ice maker can't push the ice out of the tray. It keeps making a noise like it's trying to eject. What could be wrong?


The way your icemaker should work is when the ice freezes and the temperature inside the ice mold gets to around 15 degrees a thermostat closes. This turns on the motor that drives the ice ejector and the heater that heats the mold to release the cubes.

The motor turns the ice ejector until it comes in contacts the ice which is still frozen into the mold. The motor then stalls and keeps pressure on the ejector pushing on the ice cubes.

When the heater causes the ice cubes to release the ejector pushes them out of the mold and dumps them into the ice bucket.

If you are hearing a noise it is probably the gears in the motor stripped and not moving the ejector arm. The gears might have stripped because the heater is bad and no releasing the cubes from the mold.

The motor and the heater are expensive and you can buy a new icemaker for around $120.00. I recommend you replace the icemaker.

The part number of the motor is W10122536 and the cost is around $80.00. The part number of the heater and mold assembly is 628228 and the cost is around $75.00. The part number for a complete icemaker is 4317943 and the cost is around $120.00.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
June 19, 2008