Model #10655622500 KENMORE Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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Freezer compartment part, where does it belong Galaxy 106.55622500


Correct filter part number 79578023310 Kenmore Elite Refrigerator


water dispenser shoot frozen 10655622500 Kenmore Side by side refrigerator


Thank you for your inquiry on your Kenmore Refrigerator, Model: 106.55622500. From reviewing the details on your model, I have included a link to a couple of videos on similar model of refrigerators, which should be able to advice you on the process of removing the water dispenser tube.

Click Here

Safety Warning: Before beginning the repair, disconnect the direct power supply to the refrigerator to prevent the risk of injury or any electrical shock.

If you don’t feel comfortable or confident in this repair, then you can have it repaired at home by a sears technician. I have the included a link to the website: Sears Home Services or call 1-800-469-4663.

I hope this answered your question. Thank you for contacting, and have yourself a wonderful day. 

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Gerry 93 -
Sears Technician
April 21, 2015

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