Model #10654044400 Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator

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Question and Answers


If water filter is too dirty will it keep the ice maker from filling up, Kenmore 10654044400.


If the water filter stops up enough to stop the icemaker from working, you would not be able to get water at the dispenser.

If the water dispenser doesn't dispense water, replace the water filter and it will probably cure both problems.

If the dispenser does dispense water, feel inside the mold of the icemaker to see if it has ice in it. If there is no ice fill the mold with water and wait 3-4 hours to see if the icemaker dumps the cubes into the ice bucket. If the icemaker dumps the cubes, the problem is in the water supply. Look closely at the fill tube at the rear of the icemaker for ice buildup inside it. If the fill tube is frozen you can defrost it with a hair dryer.

If the tube is not frozen the problem might be in the water valve or the icemaker itself. I am sending you an image showing how to start the icemaker through the harvest cycle. If the icemaker does not go through the harvest cycle, you need to replace the icemaker. If it goes through the harvest cycle and does not fill replace the water valve.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
July 19, 2010