Model #10644252401 Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator

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Why is it snowing in my Kenmore freezer model number 10644252401?


Snow or frost inside a freezer is caused by an air leak in either the freezer or refrigerator side. The moisture from the warm air leaking into the cabinet forms the frost or snow. This can be caused by a door being left ajar for some time.

You should visually inspect the gaskets on both doors. Look for flat, crumpled, or damaged places on either gasket. If the gasket has damage, it must be replaced. If you don't see a problem with either gasket you can check them with a dollar bill.

Take a dollar bill and open the refrigerator door. Place the dollar bill so the door gasket will close on it. Close the refrigerator door and pull the dollar bill out. You should feel a slight resistance in removing the dollar bill. Move over the width of the dollar bill and repeat this process. Do this all the way around both refrigerator and freezer doors and mark any places where there is no resistance.

Clean the surface of the gaskets and the front of the cabinet with a clean cloth and hand dishwashing detergent and dry. Try the dollar bill in the areas of no resistance again. If there is still no resistance the door gasket needs to be replaced.

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Jimmy K -
Sears Technician
October 09, 2008