Laundry Center: Washer bangs loudly

An unbalanced load, broken suspension spring or worn snubber ring can cause the washer tub to bang against the sides of the laundry center washer cabinet.

Stop the washer and redistribute the load if all items inside the washer have worked their way to one side of the spin basket.

If the washer bangs loudly when the load is balanced, unplug the laundry center and check the suspension springs and replace any broken springs.

If the suspension springs are okay, check the snubber ring for damage and replace the snubber ring if it’s cracked or worn.

These repairs may help solve your Laundry Center problem:

Replace the laundry center snubber ring

Snubber ring

The snubber ring allows the tub support assembly to move during when the load is slightly off balance while the base remains stationary. Replace the snubber ring if it's worn or broken, causing the tub to bang against the sides of the washer cabinet when the load is balanced.

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