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These ice maker repair guides can help get your freestanding ice maker working again. And Sears PartsDirect has more ice maker repair help for you, including troubleshooting tips, explanations of what different ice maker parts do and solutions for common symptoms. Tell us your model number for even more specific recommendations and replacement parts for fixing your ice maker.

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How to Replace a Freestanding Ice Maker Recirculation Pump


If your ice maker isn’t making ice, the pump could be the problem. Here’s how to replace it.

How to Replace a Freestanding Ice Maker Electronic Control Board


When the electronic control board won’t activate the ice maker components, follow these steps to install a new one.

How to Replace a Freestanding Ice Maker Cutter Grid


When the cutting grid is broken, ice cubes don’t drop into the ice bin. Use the steps in this repair guide to replace a broken cutter grid.