DIY Ice Maker Repair

A freestanding ice maker is a must-have if you routinely use more ice cubes than your refrigerator's built-in ice maker can produce. If your ice cube maker leaks, won't make ice or doesn't work at all, don't have a meltdown. Sears PartsDirect can help.

Click on one of the troubleshooting symptoms below to see the most common repair for ice maker failures, and use our articles and videos page for more troubleshooting advice and cleaning tips. Once you find out what’s wrong, follow the step-by-step instructions in the DIY repair guides to install the replacement parts to get the ice maker working again.

For additional use and care advice, we have owner’s manuals for major brands of ice makers such as Kenmore, Whirlpool and KitchenAid. Follow the maintenance and cleaning tips in the owner’s manual to help your ice maker produce plenty of clean, clear ice cubes.