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If your gas grill has a weak flame or no flame at all, these repair guides can help get you grilling again. And Sears PartsDirect has more gas grill repair help too, including troubleshooting tips, explanations of what different gas grill parts do and solutions for common symptoms. Tell us your model number for even more specific recommendations and replacement parts for fixing your gas grill.

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How to Replace a Gas Grill Pressure Regulator

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You can install a new pressure regulator on your gas grill if the pressure regulator won’t let gas flow.

How to Replace a Gas Grill Burner

grill burner PD_0071_141_P02008011A

Replace a damaged burner on your gas grill in less than 15 minutes and with just pliers and a screwdriver for tools.

How to Replace a Gas Grill Igniter Electrode

grill igniter electrode PD_0071_141_P02607007A

Replace the igniter electrode on your gas grill if it won’t light the burner.

How to Replace a Gas Grill Ignition Module

grill spark control module PD_0071_415_80014404

Follow these steps to replace the ignition module if it doesn't produce a spark.

How to Replace a Gas Grill Wheel


Replace a broken or damaged wheel in less than 15 minutes.