Gas Grill Common Parts Glossary

Burner bracket

The burner bracket on a gas grill holds the main burners in place.

Electric spark control module

The electric spark control module—also called the igniter module—creates a spark that arcs to the burner to ignite the gas when the burner is on. The electric spark control module has either a battery or a piezoelectric system.


The firebox on a gas grill is made of a heavy-weight metal and houses the burner, flavor bars and grates. The gas valve manifold is mounted on the front of the firebox.


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Gas collector box

The gas collector box on a gas grill is a partially enclosed box at the inlet to the burner tube that accumulates gas during the ignition process. The igniter electrode ignites the gas accumulated in the gas collector box.

Grill manifold

The manifold on a gas grill holds the burner control valves and the connecting gas tubing that are mounted on the front of the grill. The gas supply hose connects to the supply tubing on the manifold. The valves control the gas flow going to the burners.

Grill wheel

The wheels on the gas grill make it easier to move.

Igniter electrode

The igniter electrode receives electrical current from the igniter module and produces a spark between the tip of the electrode and the burner to light the gas during the ignition process.

Main burner

The main burner of a gas grill—also called the burner assembly or burner tube—is a metal tube with small holes on each side that distributes the gas through the holes to create an even flame across the cooking area. The gas grill main burner mounted in the fire box, under the grates and flavor bars.

Pressure regulator

The pressure regulator on the supply line from the propane tank controls the pressure of the gas going to the grill. It often includes the gas supply hose and the fittings that connect the propane tank to the manifold.