Elliptical: Incorrect speed displayed

A problem with the reed switch, wiring failure or faulty console can cause the incorrect speed to be displayed.

Unplug the elliptical if it has a power cord and check the position of the reed switch if displayed speed is extremely slow when you’re treading at a fast pace. The reed switch won’t detect the crank arm pulley magnet if the switch is too far away from the pulley. Adjust the reed switch closer to the pulley so the reed switch detects the magnet and sends the proper speed signal to the console.

If the reed switch is properly positioned close to the crank arm pulley, check wiring between the reed switch and the console. Reconnect any loose wires and repair any broken wires.

If the wires are okay, you may need to replace the console because it isn’t displaying the correct speed even though it’s receiving the correct speed signal from the reed switch.

These repairs may help solve your Elliptical problem:

Adjust the reed switch

Reed switch

The reed switch detects a magnet attached to the rotating pulley to sense the elliptical's speed. The reed switch transmits the speed signal to the console, which displays the user data. If the console doesn’t display the correct speed, the reed switch may not be close enough to the magnet. Adjust the position of the reed switch.

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Replace the console


The console displays the elapsed time, distance traveled, estimated calories burned, current speed and the user’s pulse. If the console doesn't light up, replace the battery. If the problem continues, replace the console assembly. The console also controls the resistance motor. Replace the console if it fails to adjust the resistance motor.

For manuals, repair guides, and specific part recommendations, enter your model number.