Elliptical Common Questions

These common questions about elliptical are the ones our experts hear the most often from our customers. You might also find the help you need by checking the common symptoms and solutions for ellipticals. When you’re ready to make a repair, searspartsdirect.com has the part you need, no matter where you bought your elliptical.

Why won't the console turn on?

Most ellipticals use batteries to power up the console. Remove the battery cover from under the console and replace the batteries. If the console doesn't turn on with new batteries, replace the console. If your model requires a power cord and transformer, check the wall outlet for power by plugging in a night light or some other small electrical device. If the wall outlet has power, replace the console. Visit our elliptical DIY repair help for step-by-step instructions for replacing the console.

Why won't the console show the elapsed time, distance traveled, calories burned or speed?

You could have a problem with the reed switch. Attached to the frame, the reed switch detects a magnet attached to the rotating pulley. The magnet passes the reed switch during pulley rotation. The reed switch transmits signals to the console, which displays user data such as speed, time and distance traveled. If the console doesn’t display the correct speed, the reed switch may not be close enough to the magnet. Visit our elliptical DIY repair help for step-by-step instructions for adjusting the reed switch.

Why won't the pedal resistance change when I increase or decrease the resistance?

The resistance motor changes the C-magnet's distance from the flywheel to adjust the pedal resistance. If the resistance motor isn't working, pedal resistance won't change. Replace the resistance motor if it doesn't move when activated. The console controls the resistance motor. Replace the console if it doesn't activate the resistance motor to change resistance. Visit our elliptical repair DIY help for step-by-step instructions for replacing the resistance motor or console in an elliptical exerciser.

Why do the pedal arms squeak?

A lack of lubricant will cause the pedal arm to squeak as it rotates. Remove the pedal arm cover and pull the pedal arm off the crank arm shaft. Spread a thin layer of multi-purpose grease on the crank arm shaft and then reassemble the elliptical. Loose screws can also cause squeaks. Firmly tighten all bolts and screws on the elliptical.

How do I turn off the console?

The console turns off automatically when the pedals don't move for a few minutes. Most consoles don't have a power button since they turn off on their own.