Cooktop: Spark igniters keep clicking

A stuck burner spark igniter switch can cause a constant ticking or clicking noise on the cooktop. The igniter switches can get wet and short out when you clean the cooktop with water, and the ticking sometimes stops once the switches dry. If the spark igniter still won't stop clicking after the switches are completely dry, replace the failed burner switch.

Some cooktops have a spark module that reignites the burner if a burner flame goes out with that burner’s gas valve still open. If your cooktop has this type of burner reignition system and the igniters click constantly with all active burner flames lit, you may need to replace the spark module because it isn’t detecting the burner flames properly or a reignition relay on the spark module is stuck.

These repairs may help solve your Cooktop problem:

Replace the cooktop spark igniter switch

Spark igniter switch

The igniter switch is an electrical switch on the stem of the gas surface burner control valve. This switch completes a circuit to the surface burner spark module, causing the burner igniters to spark when the burner switch is turned to the Lite position. Replace the burner igniter switch if the burners don't spark when you turn the burner control knob to the Lite position or if igniters spark constantly even when the burner knobs are in the Off position.

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Replace the cooktop spark module

Spark module

The spark module is in the ignition circuit for the gas burners. When a burner control knob is turned to the Lite position, it provides voltage to the spark electrodes on the gas burners. If the spark module fails to provide the electrodes with voltage, then it should be replaced.

For manuals, repair guides, and specific part recommendations, enter your model number.

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