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These band saw repair guides can help you get your saw back in action. And Sears PartsDirect has more band saw repair help for you, including troubleshooting tips, explanations of what different band saw parts do and solutions for common symptoms.

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How to Replace a Band Saw Blade


If the saw blade is dull or damaged and isn't cutting cleanly, replace the blade, following these steps.

How to Replace a Band Saw Tire


If the band saw tire has stretched or is broken and no longer stays on the wheel, use these steps to replace the tire.

How to Replace a Band Saw On-Off Switch


If the switch won't turn the band saw on or off, it could be defective. Replace the switch, using these steps.

How to Replace a Band Saw Drive Belt


If the motor runs but the blade doesn't move, it could be that the drive belt is broken. Here's how to replace it.