Where to Find the Model Number on a Kitchen or Laundry Appliance



When doing a DIY appliance repair, always order repair parts using the exact model number found on the appliance’s model tag. Don’t rely on the model number listed in the owner's manual or on a sales receipt, because those are often incomplete. Locating the model tag isn’t always easy, so we've put together a list of the most common model tag locations for major appliances.

Most model tags are either metal plates or paper stickers and clearly state MODEL or MOD before the model number. Once you find your model number, enter it in the search box at SearsPartsDirect.com to find all the parts you need to make repairs. In addition, check out our repair help section to find troubleshooting advice, error code pages and step-by-step repair guides.


Check under the burners or under the burner control knobs. If the top of the cooktop lifts up, look under it, on the frame. If the top doesn’t lift up, check the bottom of the cooktop, inside the cabinet. For models with a downdraft vent, check under the intake grate inside the vent duct. For a modular cooktop, the individual burner or griddle cartridges sometimes have their own model number, located on the side or on the bottom of the cartridge—don’t confuse that number with the cooktop’s model number.


Look for the model tag on the interior wall near the door opening. If it’s not there, check the left, right or top edge of the door.


Common model tag locations are the top back of the cabinet, the drum opening, the inside of the door and the front or side of the washer.


On upright freezers, the model tag is usually around the door opening, on interior walls, or behind the toe grill. On chest freezers, look for the model tag on the interior walls, or on the exterior back or side.


Common locations for the model tag are on the exterior back of the microwave, the inside back wall, around the door opening, or the lower left corner of the door.


Open the broiler drawer or storage drawer and check the lower frame. If the model number isn’t there, open the oven door and look for it on the frame around the oven opening. Another place to check is under the cooktop, if it lifts up.


The most common location for the model tag is on the interior wall of the refrigerator section, at the same level as the light. Other locations to check are the freezer interior wall, behind the crisper drawer, on the door opening, or behind the toe grill at the bottom of the refrigerator.

Wall Ovens

The model tag for a wall oven is most often at the side or bottom of the oven opening. If you can't find it there, check around the edge of the inside of the door.


On front-load washers, common model tag locations are the exterior back, front or side of the washer; the tub opening; or inside the door. On top-load washers, look for a tag on the top of the control panel, under the lid, on the back of the washer, on the rim of the tub, or on the front or side of the washer near the bottom.

Washer-Dryer Combo

Look for the dryer model tag on the front near the top, on the drum opening, or on the inside of the door. The washer model tag is most commonly on the tub opening, inside the door or on the front or side near the bottom.