What Is a Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer?



Hybrid heat pump dryers are an energy-efficient alternative to conventional dryers. Unlike a conventional dryer, heat pump dryers recover and reuse the hot air that is normally lost through venting. This recovery of heat reduces energy consumption by up to 60%.

The refrigeration system in the heat pump dryer works much the same way as an air conditioner or dehumidifier but in reverse. The heat generated in a heat pump dryer is at a much lower temperature than in a traditional dryer. While this lower heat is much gentler on clothing, drying times are higher.

A hybrid heat pump dryer combines the heating elements of a traditional dryer with a heat pump system. The heating element in a heat pump dryer works the same way as it does in a conventional dryer, offering the option of quicker drying times.

Because some designs offer the option of traditional drying only–without using the heat pump–a vent is required. Other designs use the heat pump in every cycle, eliminating the need for a vent.