Troubleshooting a Stuck Trash Compactor Drawer



By Kim Hillegass, Sears PartsDirect

Trash Compactor Is Hard to Open


Food spils inside the trash compactor drawer can build up on the slide and rollers. Remove the drawer from the cabinet and clean the tracks and rollers with a mild detergent or degreaser. Completely dry the components, then apply a household lubricant to the tracks and rollers to keep them moving freely. Replace any broken pieces.



Trash Compactor Drawer Doesn’t Open at All


The drawer won’t open if the ram is not completely raised. If you have a key-knob model, turn it to Start and then release. If you have push-button controls, press Off and then On. If the ram doesn’t go up, check for broken or stripped gears. Also check for a broken drive belt or drive chain and replace any broken parts.