Samsung Front-Load Washer nF Error Code


The nF error code on a Samsung front-load washer means that the washer isn't filling with water. The solution is sometimes as simple as opening the water supply faucets behind the washer. Frozen water supply lines and hoses in winter also prevent the washer from filling.

If these solutions don’t solve your fill problem, below are additional troubleshooting steps.

Water Supply and Clogged Valves

Check whether water flows through the fill hoses. First, unplug the washer and shut off the water supply faucets. Then remove the ends of the fill hoses from the back panel of the washer, leaving the other ends of the fill hoses connected to the supply faucets. Hold the loose ends of the fill hoses over a bucket and briefly open the water supply faucets to check the water flow from the hose ends.


  • If water doesn't flow through a hose, check the fill hose for a clog. Disconnect the fill hose from the supply faucet and pour water through the hose. If the hose is clear, then there is a problem with the water supply going to the faucet. Have a plumber fix this problem.
  • If water flows through the fiull hoses, check the inlet screens on the water inlet valves for clogs. Replace the water inlet valves if you find clogged screens -- it's not a good idea to clen the screens, because debris can get into the valve, causing it to leak even when closed and potentially causing a flood in your house.


Wire Connections and Solenoid Coils

If water flows through the fill hoses and the water inlet screens aren't clogged, the problem is inside the washer.

First, check the wire harness connections on the water inlet valves. With the washer still unplugged, remove the top panel. Check the wire harness connections between the water inlet valves and the electronic control board. Reconnect any loose wires or replace the wire harness if damaged.


If the wire connections are okay, use a multimeter to check the resistance of each solenoid coil on the water inlet valves. With the washer still unplugged and the top panel removed, pull the wires off one of the water inlet valve solenoid coils. With the multimeter set to measure resistance, touch one meter probe to each of the 2 leads on the coil. The meter should measure around 1000 ohms of resistance through the coil if it's good.  If any coil measure infinite resistance, replace the water inlet valve. 


Other Possible Problems

If all the solenoid coils are okay, and you find no other problems when troubleshooting, the wire between the electronic control board and the water valves could be broken or the electronic control board could be defective. It's best to have a service technician take over the diagnosis of your fill problem at this point because the technician is trained to  check live voltage at the control board and the water valves to determine the exact cause of the nF error code.


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