Samsung Front-Load Washer nd Error Code


The nd error code on your Samsung front-load washer means water isn’t draining from the washer. The likely causes are a stopped-up washer drain or a clogged drain pump filter.

Stopped-Up Drain

First, check the washer drain by pulling the washer drain hose out of the standpipe and then pouring a gallon of water into the standpipe to see if the washer drain is clear. The standpipe will overflow if the washer drain is clogged. If the washer drain is clogged, push a plumber's snake through the standpipe to clear it.


Before putting the washer drain hose back into the standpipe, use your hand to clear any lint or debris from the end of the drain hose. Return the hose to the standpipe and run a Rinse + Spin cycle to drain the water from the washer and spin the load. 

Clogged Drain Filter

If the washer drain is clear, drain the water out of the washer so you can check the drain pump filter for a clog. To drain it, place the suction hose of a wet/dry shop vac over the end of the drain hose. Use your hand to seal any gap between the drain hose and vacuum hose, and turn on the shop vac to drain the water out of the tub.


Now that you've drained the water from the washer tub, clear the drain pump filter using this procedure.


  1. Place a shallow pan in front of the filter door at the bottom of the washer to collect water left in the tub.
  2. Open the drain pump filter door, pull out the drain tube and remove the drain tube plug. Allow any water left in the washer to drain into the pan.
  3. Pull the filter out of the pump and clear any debris from the filter and pump housing.
  4. Reinsert the filter into the pump.
  5. Reinstall the plug in the drain tube and put the drain tube into the drain pump housing.
  6. Close the drain pump filter door.


If you found a clog in the filter, run the Rinse + Spin cycle to remove water left in the wash load. 

Other Possible Problems

These basic tips should help you clear the nd code on your Samsung washer. However, if your washer still won't drain after clearing the drain, then you may need to replace the drain pump.


A wiring failure or control problem also could prevent the washer from draining. Check out our washer repair help page for more troubleshooting tips and repair guides.


Have a service technician examine and repair the washer if you can’t fix the drain problem on your own.