Rear-tine Tiller Troubleshooting Tips–Wheels and Tines



Using a rear-tine garden tiller saves a lot of intensive labor, so when a problem occurs with the tiller, visions of digging the yard with a shovel can almost blister your brain. Before you dig out the shovel, rake and heavy-duty gloves, try these troubleshooting tips.

Wheels and Tines Not Turning

The drive belt may be misadjusted–adjust the belt if needed following the instructions in your owner's manual. Inspect the drive belt for damage or excessive wear and replace it if needed. Check the bolt on the transmission pulley to make sure it's not loose, and tighten if needed.

Wheels Turn But Tines Don't

Check the clevis pin that holds the tine assembly in place; it may be missing or broken. Also, check the transmission bolt to ensure it's tight. If the tine shaft is not rotating, there could be internal transmission wear or damage. 

Tines Turn But Wheels Don't

Make sure the transmission bolt is tight. If the bolt looks okay, there may be internal transmission wear or damage.