Preparing a Leaf Blower for Storage


Leaf blower storage

Among the great yard-care conveniences is a leaf blower. Not only does a leaf blower make it easier to clean up grass clippings after you mow, it also saves you from the tiring autumn task of raking what seems like an endless amount of fallen leaves.

When the trees are finally bare, it's time to winterize the leaf blower and store it. Getting your leaf blower ready for storage lengthens its life and helps ensure it's ready for next year.  

  1. Remove the fuel from the blower completely. Drain the gas tank and replace the cap,  start the engine and let it run until all remaining fuel is gone, ensuring that the fuel lines and carburetor are empty.

  2. Remove the spark plug and pour 1 teaspoon of 40:1, 2-cycle engine oil through the spark plug opening. Slowly pull the starter rope 8 to 10 times to distribute the oil. Replace the spark plug with a new one.

  3. Clean the air filter, or replace it if it’s worn.

  4. Thoroughly clean the exterior of the leaf blower and lightly oil external metal surfaces. Check the leaf blower for any loose, broken or damaged parts and replace if needed.

  5. Store the leaf blower in a clean, dry area with all safety guards in place.