New Refrigerator Noises



Today’s refrigerators make sounds you may not be used to. Here are some normal noises you might hear.

Normal Operating Sounds

  • Rattling or vibrating—Refrigerant flowing through the cooling system or water flowing through the water line.
  • A pulsating or high-pitched sound—Compressor or fans adjusting to optimize performance. They're different from the steady speed motors and fans you are used to on your old model.
  • Gurgling—Refrigerant pressure equalizing in the tubing.. You might also hear gurgling when you open or close the refrigerator or freezer door as water equalizes in the drain pan when air is forced through the tube.

Normal Defrost Sounds

  • Dripping—Water running into the drain pan in the back of the freezer compartment.
  • Sizzling or hissing—Water dripping on the defrost heater as it runs into the drain pan.
  • Popping or cracking—Wall inside the refrigerator contracting when the refrigerator cools for the first time or when it defrosts.

 Normal Ice Maker Sounds

  • Buzzing—Water valve opening to fill the ice maker.
  • Thumping or hammering—Water supply line banging against the wall or back of the refrigerator during the fill cycle. If this sound seems excessive, check the supply line behind the refrigerator.
  • Cracking—Ice cubes being ejected from the ice make, followed by a crashing sound of the cubes falling into the ice storage bucket.

Keep in mind that hard surfaces, such as the floor, walls and cabinets, can amplify these sounds. Try adjusting the refrigerator's position or putting a mat on the floor to reduce the noise.