How to Keep a Dryer Clean and Economical



You don’t want to put clean clothes from the washer into a dirty or stained dryer. Here are some ideas for cleaning your dryer so it works efficiently and safely.

  • A full lint filter blocks the free flow of air, making your dryer less efficient. So clean the lint filter after every load as well as the area that the filter slips into.
  • Every 6 months or so, remove the lint filter and then, using a nylon brush and warm water, scrub both sides of the filter. Rinse the filter in hot water and dry completely with a clean towel before reinstalling in the dryer.
  • A clogged vent hose makes the dryer work harder to dry a load and is a fire hazard, because lint can catch fire. At least once a year, unplug the dryer and clean the vent hose and vent hood on the outside wall. Check airflow outside at the vent hood to make sure there are no kinks in the vent hose.
  • For stains inside the dryer drum, determine the type of stain, and then refer to your owner’s manual for proper procedure for the stain type. Never use any type of flammable cleaning solution inside or on your dryer.

    Also, never dry any cloth or rag that has any flammable solution on it, as the flammable solution could ignite or explode from the high heat of the element or burner.

  • Most newer dryers have moisture sensor bars inside the drum; check your owner's manual for the location. If you use dryer sheets to soften fabrics, periodically wipe the bars with a rag dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove the softener residue the sheets leave.

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