How to Troubleshoot Moisture Buildup Inside a Refrigerator



The inside of your refrigerator should be desert dry. Humid air entering a refrigerator makes moisture condense on the interior. Not only does it make for a drippy refrigerator, but this warmer, humid air can also make the compressor work harder than it should.

Here are a few things to do if you notice condensation inside your refrigerator.

  • Minimize how long the door remains open when you're searching for items inside the refrigerator, especially if the weather is humid.

  • If the refrigerator is in a garage or other are that's not climate controlled, it's harder to reduce interior sweating; the best location for a refrigerator is indoors.

  • Check the gaskets around the door for cracks or damage and make sure the gasket has not pulled away from the door. Replace the door gasket if the gasket is damaged or worn.

  • Make sure the door closes completely. Look for gaps between the door and cabinet when it’s closed. Sometimes a buildup of grime on the door gasket or cabinet will cause a problem with the door sealing, so keep these areas clean. Move any item inside the refrigerator that could prevent the door from closing completely.

  • Check whether the door is level. Adjust the hinge or door closer cam if needed, following the instructions in your owner's manual.