How to Stop Dehumidifier Leaks


Water leaking from the dehumidifier can cause expensive damage to your floor in a very short time. Here are several things that could cause the water leak.

  • The collection bucket is out of position. Make sure the bucket is under the coils.
  • The float switch is stuck, so it can’t shut off the dehumidifier when the collection bucket is full. Remove collection bucket from the dehumidifier and check that the float moves freely up and down.
  • The drain tube from the evaporator pan to the collection bucket is blocked, not allowing water to drain properly into the bucket. Remove the collection bucket and locate the drain tube attached to the drip tray. Push a small straw into the tube to clear the obstruction.
  • The collection bucket is cracked or damaged. Remove the bucket, wipe out dirt and water and inspect for cracks or holes. The drain hose or adapter (if equipped) is loose or damaged. Check whether the hose adapter is properly inserted into the collection pan. Tighten the drain hose where it connects to the adapter. Check the drain hose for holes or cracks.

The coils that condense the moisture from the air are iced up. Set your dehumidifier on Fan Only to thaw coils. Remove and clean the air filter. Thaw coils completely and restart dehumidifier.