How to Get the Most from an Elliptical Workout Video


An elliptical trainer is great at providing a low-impact cardio workout while burning fat and calories, but if all you do is pedal your heart out, you're not getting the maximum benefit of your workout.

Focus on your workout. Distractions such as cell phones, television or internet can keep you from reaping the true rewards of the workout. Be fully engaged by focusing on your form, your breathing and your goals–this will help you reach your long-term fitness goal.

Posture and form are extremely important for lengthening muscle. Keep your head above your shoulders, shoulders over hips and hips over feet. Avoid over-arching your back; pull abdominal muscles in to support your back.

Speeding through the workout will have little fat-burning effect if you're not using enough resistance. Set the resistance so that you push and pull through the stride, working the muscles in your legs, arms, chest and back.

Don't lean into the stationary handles; use the moving handles to actively work your upper body, or let go of the handles completely to work your core. Change the direction from forward to backward to change things up and work your glutes and hamstrings.

This video from POPSUGAR Fitness offers some great advice on getting the most from your elliptical workout. Remember to check out our DIY Elliptical Repair section if you need troubleshooting tips or repair advice.

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