How to Correct an Oven's Temperature Setting



Over time, the temperature setting on your oven can drift away from the factory setting. Then you'll find that your oven consistently bakes or roasts food faster or slower than the time specified in the recipe. Fortunately, you can adjust the setting.

Here are instructions for calibrating ovens with push-button controls and with knob controls. 

Because instructions vary by manufacturer, download and check your owner's manual for instructions specific to your model.


Oven with Push-Button Controls

  1. Press and hold both the BAKE and BROIL buttons for 3 seconds, until the display shows SF.

  2. Press the BAKE button. A factory-set 2-digit number—usually 00—is displayed. 

  3. Press and hold the up or down arrow pad to set the temperature. For testing, raise or lower it 25 degrees.

  4. Press the BAKE button to finish.

To test the new setting, bake one of your usual recipes after preheating the oven to the temperature in the recipe. If, after baking, the oven still overcooks or undercooks, repeat these steps to adjust further.


If you continue to have problems after a second adjustment, the oven temperature sensor probe could be defective. See how to replace the temperature sensor if it's not working. 

Oven with Knob Controls

  1. Heat the oven to 350 degrees and use a meat thermometer to determine how much the actual temperature differs from 350 degrees. If the difference is more than 30 degrees, replace the thermostat. If the difference is less than 30 degrees, continue to the next step. 

  2. Pull off the TEMP knob. On the back of the knob is a small adjustment screw in a track labeled Cooler at one end and Hotter at the other.

  3. Loosen the screw just enough that you can move it. You'll hear clicks as you move the screw. Each click is about 10 degrees F (6 degrees C).

  4. Move the screw toward Cooler if the oven overcooks food when you follow the recipe time, or toward Hotter if it undercooks.

  5. Tighten the screw, replace the knob, set the oven to 350 degrees and use a meat thermometer to check the difference. Make another adjustment if needed.