How to Clean a Water Softener


To keep your water softener clean inside and out, here are a few tips to make it look good and work its best.

  • Apply a coat of paste wax to the outside case and top cover once a year. When the water softener gets dusty, wipe it off with a damp cloth. Never use any cleaners with ammonia or abrasive, which can scratch or damage the surface.
  • A clean venturi assembly is very important for the softener to work correctly. This assembly moves brine from the salt storage tank to the resin tank during the regeneration cycle. If a small amount of salt, silt, dirt or debris lodges in this valve, the softener won’t soften the water. See your owner’s manual or our water softener repair help section for instructions on cleaning this valve. 
  • Clean the resin bed material with a resin bed cleaner every two years. If your water supply has iron in it, clean the resin every 6 months, following the instructions included with the cleaner.