How to Change the Hydraulic Fluid in a Log Splitter



Normal wear and tear will, over time, cause contamination and degradation of the hydraulic fluid in your log splitter. If left unchanged, contaminated and depleted hydraulic fluid will cause damage to the components of the hydraulic system.

For every 100 hours of operation, change the hydraulic fluid in the reservoir by following the steps listed below. Always stop the engine, disconnect the spark plug wire and relieve the hydraulic system pressure before you change the fluid.

  • Place an oil collection container under the tank.
  • Disconnect the suction hose from the bottom of the reservoir tank.
  • Unthread the inlet filter screen and clean it with penetrating oil.
  • Allow the fluid to drain into the oil collection container.
  • Reconnect the inlet filter screen and the suction hose.
  • Refill the tank using the recommended hydraulic fluid—check your owner’s manual for the recommended hydraulic fluid for your model.

Always dispose of the used hydraulic fluid at an approved recycling center.