How to Change a Lawn Mower Wheel Video


The steps in this repair video show how easy it is to replace a damaged wheel on a push lawn mower.

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How to change a lawn mower wheel

This video shows how to replace a wheel on your lawn mower.


Tools and Equipment You Need

  • Safety glasses
  • Ratchet wrench for the correct size socket or a pair of needle nose pliers, depending on your model.
  • A 4-in x 4-in block of wood

Before You Start

To prevent the engine from accidentally starting, first remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug and tuck it away. Then lift the mower and place a block of wood under the mower so that it's supported and the wheels are off the ground.


Remove the Wheel

Remove the hubcap and then remove the nut that secures the wheel with the ratchet wrench. If your model has a cotter pin, use a pair of needle nose pliers to remove it. Once the fastener is removed, slide the old wheel off and set it aside.


Install the New Wheel

Inspect the axle shafts and remove any foreign debris. If the axle looks okay, slide the new wheel on. If this is a drive wheel, you may need to turn it until the gears mash. Once you have a new wheel on the axle, secure it with the nut or cotter pin and reinstall the hubcap.

Reconnect the Spark Plug Wire

Lift the mower and remove the block of wood. Reconnect the spark plug wire. Make sure the spark plug wire snaps onto the spark plug.


That's all it takes to replace the wheels on your lawn mower.


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